PBN Service

Benefits of Private Blog Network

PBN is very powerful technique to boost or rank up your business website. Because, you have control all over the content posted that related to your website and link within the domain specifically with your target keywords. (Keyword text is the text that appears as a hyperlink and is clicked to take you to your website.)

Furthermore, any website with a link from an expired domain is likely to receive a significant quantity of link juice. Also expired domain can convey more ranking power than a new domain.

Domaination Private Blog Network

Ultra Domain Authority

  • Ultra quality metric juice.
  • Minimum 30 Trust Flow
  • Ready-made domain to link your website.
  • 500 words content with relevant keywords to your business
  • 5 different backlinks with niche articles to 5 different sites.
  • 1 time replacement per affected link

Domain Authority Lease

  • Standard Domain Link
  • Premium Hosting
  • 300 words content per link.
  • Max 3 links per domain.
  • TF: 10-15 | DA 10-20 | RD:10 +
  • Premium: 16-20 TF | DA 10-20+ | RD:10 +
  • 1 time replacement per affected link